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Top 5 Ways to Rank your Blog Video

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Best Online Marketing Tool Ever!

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August 13th 2015 Webinar

Welcome to the webinar! We will be starting promptly at 6:30 CST. If you have not registered for this webinar please click here. All you need is internet and your desktop/phone to watch in the comfort of your own home!

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What Not to Do When Formatting Blog Posts

Now serving the Frisco, McKinney and Dallas area. We do SEO, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media and Web Design. We will optimize your website for local search terms such as Frisco, McKinney and Dallas locations. We have very affordable Search Engine Optimization packages for any budget.

You’re not fooling anyone when you put the entire blog […]

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Website Copy that Converts

Do you have a website and you have no idea what kind of copy you should have? Do you not have the time or the writing skills? Here is a quick outline to get you started writing or thinking about your website copy. If you answer the questions below, you will get many more conversions […]

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How to Post a Blog on WordPress

Step by Step I will be walking you through how to post your very own blog post on your website. Starting from copy/pasting from Word to uploading and adding pictures and links. I’ll give you a sneak peak at some of the optimization tricks I use! 

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What I Learned after 3 Years in Business

I wasn’t thinking when I started my web design and SEO business. Most people are coming out of corporate America and they do their due diligence before starting a company. Some people put away money or design a business plan but no, not me. I jumped right in.
My Story
I started my business out of necessity […]

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Webinar Blogging and SEO Tactics

We’ll be going over blogging. What is it? Who is it for? The most common issues and questions I see regarding blogging. We will also be going over how to SEO your blog posts to get them found in the search engines.

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How to Make Killer Graphics for Web Design or Social Media

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FREE Webinar WordPress Pages & Posts

Do you get frustrated on how long it takes you to update something?
Does your website not look like what you want it to?
Are you confused between what’s the difference between a Page & a Post?

Check out Megan’s website packages here.


This webinar is for you! Learn how to efficiently update your WordPress website! If you don’t […]

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