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Go from 9-5 to Business Owner

Are you tired of your boss? Do you complain about your job because you know you should be running your own business? How do you start? Well, I’m here to tell you.

It’s not as scary as you think. There are steps you can take to make the transition. I was once in your shoes, working […]

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People who Doubt and Question your abilities!

Surround yourself with people who lift you up instead of doubt you and test your authenticity. Unfortunately, success brings many haters. These are people who are jealous of your skills and abilities because they feel they aren’t worthy enough for your kind of success.
When you put your ideas and beliefs out into this world others […]

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Why Entrepreneurs Can’t Get Hired as Employees

They understand what free will is.
There are a many things about working for a company or someone else that limits your free will; entrepreneurs have already gotten a taste of this. Simple things like how long your lunchtime can be and when you can go pee is ridiculous. We all deserve freedom and limiting an […]

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Letting things go…

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Why am I scared to look at my inbox?

I’ve had many people email me and never get a reply. Some get a response a few weeks later and some not at all.

It’s not that I didn’t get their email. The truth is, I’m too scared to check my inbox. Is there a phobia named after “the fear of opening your inbox”. Email-phobia?

Have other’s had the […]

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Is Productivity Overrated?

How much stuff can we pack into one day? How much can we accomplish in a 24 hour period? Do you sit and look at our uncompleted to-do list each day with remorse that you couldn’t do more?

Being productive is taking steps toward your goal and/or dream. What we find ourselves doing are tasks that […]

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Best Entrepreneur Apps of 2016 | Usage and Review Video

Watch the Blab replay for the review of the following apps.



17 Hats

Quickbooks Online




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WordPress SEO & Yoast Plugin Video Tutorial

The Definitive Guide on How to use Yoast for SEO


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Beginner’s Productivity Survivor Guide

Before I studied and practiced productivity I was a complete mess. My phone was ringing off the hook, my clients where dropping like flies and I was overwhelmed. I was getting frustrated with my productivity level during the day. Then I started researching how I could improve and get back control. I found many productivity […]

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Top 5 Challenges when setting up WordPress
I go over the Top 5 challenges my clients face when they are starting up their WordPress websites.
1) The homepage vs the blog roll
2) Setting up Permalinks
3) Making the menu
4) How to place images and links in the sidebar/text widgets
4) Inserting video into the page

Click here to register for my WordPress Master Class today.

Do you […]

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