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FREE Webinar! What content do you need for your website?

WEBINAR DATE: Thursday May 21st 6:00pm CST


Welcome to the webinar! I will be going over the basics of what content you need on your website!


About Us page
Product/Services page
Blog page/posts
Contact Us page
We will also go over topics such as…

Where do you get content?
How do you write it yourself?
How do you […]

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Free WordPress Webinar May 7th 2015 7:00

Welcome to the WordPress Webinar: Master the Dashboard with Megan!

To win a 30 minute consultation with me please share the link to the webinar with the hashtag: and link to tonight’s webinar on Facebook and LinkedIn!
TOPIC: Master the WordPress Dashboard
This webinar is a very detailed look at the basics of the WordPress Dashboard […]

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How much do websites cost?

They can cost you little to nothing if you do it yourself. It will cost you just your time and that’s it. Keep in mind it’s a massive learning curve. The business owners I’ve seen do it themselves have spent over 16 hours learning WordPress, copy writing and graphic design in order to make a […]

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What logins do you I need for my website?

Many people have come to me and they don’t know any of these things! But there are ways to get them!

Where is the login to your domain name?
Who is your host and do you have the login?
Do you have the login to your WordPress website?

Either your previous web designer didn’t give you these or it’s […]

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My previous web designer registered my domain name?!?!

Bad news. They own your domain name so please ask them very nicely to release it. If they don’t you can buy it from them, if they are charging you more than you can afford, you need to buy a new one.

If your domain name is not in your name, not even Go Daddy will […]

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Master the WordPress Dashboard Webinar

Did you miss the webinar? View the replay of the LIVE webinar here! Remember to use this COUPON code WEBINAR for $20.00 of the  Advanced WordPress Training this Saturday and Sunday!



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Darren Hardy on Leadership

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WordPress Blog Category and Tags Explained

If you have a WordPress website up and you are up and running and ready to start blogging, the categories and tags can be confusing. You’ve probably heard about the SEO benefits of both and how your website will be found for these keywords you add in the category or tags. I would also like […]

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Backlinking Tracking Made Simple

Step 1: Make a list of blogs and websites you follow:

These blogs are horizontal industries or colleagues you know or have in the same industry. For example, if you are a Business Coach, you are going to find other business coaches you have connected with and their website or you are going to look for […]

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Dallas WordPress Meetup by Megan Tegtmeyer

Thank you for attending my weekly WordPress Meetup, to RSVP please
Submit your $10.00 payment here:

See you at our next Meetup! 




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