Before I studied and practiced productivity I was a complete mess. My phone was ringing off the hook, my clients where dropping like flies and I was overwhelmed. I was getting frustrated with my productivity level during the day. Then I started researching how I could improve and get back control. I found many productivity blogs like Michael Hyatt and podcasts like Beyond the To Do list and I started implementing any tactic or software I could find. Since then, I’ve dedicated hours to refining my process and experimented with tons of tactics. I now am extremely proud of my productivity levels and I have reduced my stress level considerably and have regained focus on the important areas of my life. Now, I’m bringing to you a few simple ways you can be aware of your productivity level and simple things you can do today to increase your productivity.

What is productivity and how do we know that we are productive?

This question, “Am I productive today?” is a relative question because each person’s work and lifestyle are different. High achievers like us (if you are reading this, yes you are considered a high achiever!), will judge our productivity levels much harsher than others.

Why do you feel like you need to be more productive?

  1. Do you consistently go on the “search” for paper or documents on your computer?
  2. Do you have more emails than you know what to do with?
  3. Are you problem solving all day and putting out fires?

These are signs your productivity level is suffering because all of these are considered low value tasks and are not productive. This article is for you my friend, you’ve have landed in the right place!

Where do I start?

If you are feeling overwhelmed with tasks or “behind on tasks” you need to get all of the tasks out of your head and onto a piece of paper. NOW! Take out a piece of paper right now and start writing down all of the things you must do today, next week, this month and so on. This is called clearing the ram! The more lists you have going through your head the less space you have to think!

  1. Write the list! This could take 20 minutes it could take 2 hours depending on how much you have stored in that brain of yours.
  2. Next, rewrite this list and group your tasks into similar categories. You might find you have a home list, business list, friend list, random list and so on…
  3. On the next list (3rd time rewriting these), list all of the tasks you need to do today.
  4. Choose 3 tasks that are the most important and need to get done today.
  5. Then do these task and breath a sign of relief.

Productivity Software ASANA

I recommend using ASANA Project Management software for personal tasks and business projects because of the ease of use.

Register for the ASANA 30 Day Master Class here! 

Productivity software can improve efficiency in your business but you need to understand the main principles behind productivity to get the full value out of any software. I see people using different software and failing because they lack the true understanding of what is important to work on and what isn’t.

Productivity software is a tool you can use to get yourself organized very quickly so you can clear space in your life to think about what is truly important. There’s not a “quick fix” for productivity, it’s a journey of finding out where you’re at and the skills you need to develop. Sign up for ASANA here. (it’s free)


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Megan Tegtmeyer