How much stuff can we pack into one day? How much can we accomplish in a 24 hour period? Do you sit and look at our uncompleted to-do list each day with remorse that you couldn’t do more?

Being productive is taking steps toward your goal and/or dream. What we find ourselves doing are tasks that accomplish someone else’s dream. Is that really productive?

I’d like to think as entrepreneurs, we are the few stepping up to accomplish our goals instead of the goals of others but we are still get sucked into the underworld. The underworld meaning projects we shouldn’t be doing and work meant for someone else. I know very few entrepreneurs who have not gone through the learning curve of cutting back. Good news for you, there is a way to make this learning curve easier and shorter.

Enter in sob story: I remember one day in late December 2014 I snapped! I looked around my office and I had journals, notes and papers everywhere. I couldn’t find client data, logins and everything was a complete mess and I knew I couldn’t continue living under a stack of papers. I was suffocating under this mess! I wanted to learn productivity and have more time to myself instead of working in my business for 16 hours a day. I was so tired.

I started learning GTD by Tim Allen and implemented a few of his ideas but I just wasn’t getting it. I tried out a few software systems but still wasn’t getting it. I tried many apps, software and productivity courses but I still wasn’t getting it. At that point I was shuffling papers and data around and STILL not feeling like I was getting anywhere. Then one day everything changed, my friend Harrison Blum pointed me to Asana.

I signed up for Asana and started using it.

My data become organized.
My projects became clear.
I began to get my brain power back again.
I got my life back.

I learned that being organized was one thing but CLAIMING MY TIME BACK WAS THE KEY TO PRODUCTIVITY.

I could think about what I wanted out of my life again and not what my CLIENTS and others wanted. I came up for air.

We call this moment… “AH-sana”.

Don’t do what I did. Don’t go through the pain, torment and learning curve I did.

Claim your time back, claim your life back here—>