Dallas-SEO-DentistDentists in the Dallas area that are willing to put time in effort into search engine marketing will have a significant advantage over their competitors online and off. We have seen the impact of local search on high dollar dental services like Invisaline and Cosmetic Whitening procedures in the Dallas area. Now dentists who have just started their practice or have been in practice for years are able to rank high in the Google, Yahoo and Bing searches quicker than ever before.

Do Dentists need Search Optimization?

When you search for a dentist in a certain city you will find Google reviews, local directories and a long list of other dentists. Because of all this clutter, it’s very important you are on the first page and have better reviews than your competitors. Just by doing a simple search for “Dallas Dentists”, we can tell the competition is already implementing SEO practices on their websites. If you do not see your website pop up on the 1st, 2nd or 3rd page of the search results, you need to start optimizing your website today!

How can I do this?

First you need to list all the search terms you are looking to rank for. Next, constantly create unique content on your website then share the content through social media sharing and build high quality links back to your website. This combination will prove to Google and the other search engines your website is relevant to dentistry and you are trying to inform your clients about dental health. They will consider you a leader in your industry and start moving you up the search rankings.

How soon will I see results?

This really depends on the search terms you are targeting and how efficient your strategy is. If you are a busy practice owner I highly recommend talking to a company experienced with this unique industry and taylor the strategic search marketing plan to the specific dental industry. They will be able to coordinate your social media, website content, reviews and rankings with the experience and resources they already have in place for dentists. We all know the dental industry is very unique and your strategy should be customized as so. The results you will see with a skilled specialist will be far quicker than anything else.

If your a dentist in the Dallas or surrounding area and need to start your website optimization, I want to hear from you. Please email me at megan@megantegtmeyer.com or call at (972) 379-7501.

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