They understand what free will is.

There are a many things about working for a company or someone else that limits your free will; entrepreneurs have already gotten a taste of this. Simple things like how long your lunchtime can be and when you can go pee is ridiculous. We all deserve freedom and limiting an entrepreneur’s free will is the direct route for limiting their creative capacity and fostering contempt.

You can’t pay them enough for their time.

Entrepreneurs value their time more than anything; you cannot pay them enough to take away what they are passionate about. Wasting 8 hours of the most productive part of the day is the worst punishment you can give them. If you are lucky enough to hire one, you will find that the money you give them is never going to be enough for their time.

They are too fu**cking controlling.

Entrepreneurs take control very subtly and probably before you even realize it. They need to control everything. You might find they start asking a lot of questions about the company right off the bat because they know knowledge is power. Once they have done their fact-finding they will start changing small things around them first like where their office or desk is located. Then they will move on to larger changes such as their team and the people who they are surrounded by. When they succeed at these small tasks, they know they can push the boundaries. Finally, they will grow their control to larger things like business processes and their position and rank in the company.

Other employees will start sh*t talking.

Your other employees will start complaining about your newly hired entrepreneur. A common emotion I see when entrepreneurs enter the workforce is jealousy among the other employees. Entrepreneurs get promoted and receive raises pretty quick because they go after exactly what they want. This will piss off the other employees when they feel like they are not being heard anymore and this new person is stomping all over their territory. You might even find existing low performing employees will purge themselves from the company. I’d call that an added benefit to hiring an entrepreneur.

They don’t work well in teams.

Entrepreneurs don’t work well in teams because they want to lead everything. It’s what entrepreneurs were born for…to be leaders. Putting them on a team and asking them to follow is really brutal. It’s best to put an entrepreneur in a leadership position to help keep them at peace. If you don’t, you will see them dominating conversations and start in with controlling or aggressive behavior because of the urge to lead is so strong.

Managers are scared to lose their jobs.

If you have very low-level managers, they will be scared to lose their jobs to the entrepreneur. What’s funny is that the entrepreneur doesn’t even want their job. This is a sad but true reality that keeps companies stagnant. The level of the company depends on the level of the employees.  Entrepreneurs are go-getters, productive and hard workers. Not many low level managers will be able to compete at their level so it’s easier to not hire them at all than to deal with their insecurities.

Entrepreneurs are too productive.

Entrepreneurs get things done. A work day is an 8 hour shift but normal employees usually have an average of 2 hours of work to do so they stretch these 2 hours throughout the entire day. The entrepreneur will get the work done immediately and not wait around. It might seem like after awhile your new hire is lazy but this is not the case. They’ve finished all of their work and are waiting around for more.

Entrepreneurs are too direct and hurt people’s feelings

Entrepreneurs aren’t going to sugar coat concerns to spare someone’s feelings. They know that time is valuable so pussy footing around the truth is a waist of time. If they need a question answered, they’ll ask it. If they need someone to know something, they’ll tell them. You can count on their honesty. Entrepreneurs don’t like politics and stupid kid games like gossip, what a waste of time.

Entrepreneurs are the best employees a company could ever have and this is why…

They raise the performance of other employees and the company itself. They spur innovation and they motivate others. They have the confidence to go before everyone and do what’s never been done. They are your leaders in the organization. They are the ones who can get behind your mission and push the company forward with massive energy. They will push all your buttons and everyone else’s too and they are worth it.

Entrepreneurs are unique and they are your most valuable assets. If you have the opportunity to find one sitting across the desk from you, do your best to convince them to join your mission and do everything you can to get them to stay!

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