Are you wondering why you are so hard to date or are you currently dating an entrepreneur? Are you frustrated with the way they are treating you?

I’ve wondered that myself so that’s why I went on a journey to uncover exactly what it is like to date an entrepreneur. Let’s dive in, shall we?

1) We are working all the time. This gets very annoying to someone who is expecting their partner to be there with them on the weekend. Do you wonder why they are always on the computer or phone? Why they pick up the phone when a client calls or they are always answering a text message. Are you wondering why it can’t wait?

2) We are extremely passionate. Whatever we are doing, whether dating or working we will always be doing something we are extremely passionate about. This means you need to find what your passions are and do them because you will be sick to death about hearing about ours. You might feel left out or inferior so make sure you are doing things on a daily basis that fill you up beside hanging out with your significant other. Happiness truly comes from within.

3) We never finish anything. In simple terms, this is also called ADD. We love to start new things and never finish them. We need someone in our life to hold us accountable to finish what we start. If you are analytical and very structured you will be a great match for an entrepreneur.

4) The business will always come first. This might be hard for you to hear, but you will never come first and it’s not going to change once you get married. The business is like a baby and extremely needy. You might not understand the massive responsibility associated with owning a business, but it’s a lot like raising a child. After 5 years, you have some independence but usually not before that. Getting mad because someone spends a lot of time working on something they love will be a hard battle to win. You might need to find someone else if this is a deal breaker for you.

5) Just assume we are always broke. Many people assume that because you own a business, you must be loaded. That’s not true. There are ups and downs and entrepreneurs don’t get a regular paycheck. So if your boyfriend would rather spend money investing in his business more than spending money on you, relax. Are you in it for the long haul or you just like the fact that there a business owner and you think they have a lot of money? Maybe you can’t understand why we are spending more money on subscription services, contract workers or a CPA’s than we do on our car, clothes or home. Most of these expenses will seem frivolous to someone who doesn’t own a business, but to a business owner, this is a necessity.

6) We are controlling. We call this leadership, but others might call it controlling. The less risk in our personal life the better so in order to minimize risk, we will try to control as many situations as possible. You might see your partner get agitated with you don’t give them the who, what, when, where and why of planning a date or event.There is a very good chance your partner lives by their planner or Google Calendar and uses it as a daily crutch to function. This is a part of their control over their life, whoever has control over the calendar has control over them.

7) We have high expectations of ourselves and of you. What are you wearing to a date? Do you look nice and put together or are you wearing shoes with holes in them? Entrepreneurs have expectations for you to put just as much effort into this relationship as they do. When they go over to your house, did you try and clean it before they arrived or is it disgusting? We treat everything like the business so if you are not treating yourself like your brand, we think you don’t care.

8) We are weird. We distance ourselves from the normal world so you might find that we are weird or interesting because we are not cohering to what everyone else is doing. Our closets are mostly professional gear and office supplies while our walls are full of calendars and white boards.

9) The Rollercoaster Ride. Dating an entrepreneur is like dating someone with bipolar disorder. A good day in business is a perfect day but a bad day is devastating. Have you ever lost a client to a competitor that said they would charge them less? It can be a devastating blow, pulling up emotions we never knew we had. Guess what? You’ll be hearing all about it!

10) We want more and nothing is good enough. Yes, we are deeply insecure and even though we might look confident on the outside, we are really scared children on the inside. A succession of events led us to be entrepreneurs and it was probably from some messed up thing that happened in each of our childhoods. We will always strive for bigger and better goals. 1 Million is never good enough, it has to be 10 million. Once we reach 10 million it will be a billion.

Yes, there are challenges but the amount of joy and fulfillment you will get while dating an entrepreneur is absolutely worth it.