Can you help me with writing of materials?

Yes, we have amazing content writers that can help you with the creation of website copy. Our writers research your industry and profession and merged together from different sources so your website copy is 100% unique never copy and pasted directly from other sources.

When do you need my final content for website design?

2-3 weeks after the project starts, I will give you a solid due date once the web design begins.

What if I need photos for my project?

Stock photos can be included in project estimate. In many cases professional photography is suggested and I will supply a name and number of my most reputable photographers around the Dallas area.

How do I pay for services? 

Preferred payment is Cash or Check. I also take debit and credit cards with an added 3.5% service fee.

Do I need to sign a contract?

The agreement emailed to you outlines the receivables for the project. Your approval by signing or email serves as your written consent.

How much is the initial client consultation?

The initial client consultation is completely free of charge and you will be given small tasks you can do to move your website forward by the end of the consultation!

Are meetings included in project estimates?

Usually 1 meeting is included in the contract plus 2 phone conferences. Further meetings are not included in project estimates, additional meetings are subject to our hourly rate.

What training do you provide?

All clients are offered a one hour virtual training session and these are scheduled after the website is launched!

Do you offer ongoing maintenance of websites?

I do not offer any website updating packages. Any current or previous client can contact me at any time with questions or issues but will be subject to our hourly rate.

How do I send you website updates for copy or content?

You can copy/paste content currently on your website, add it to a Word.doc, make the corrections in red then email them over to me.

How do I know when something is due?

I will send you what content I need and when it’s due. I will also send you reminders.

How do you know what to design for the web design portion of my website?

I ask you for 3-4 websites you like and what you like about each one of them. We go over colors, graphics and layouts together.