If you want your business found in the searches for products and services you offer in Dallas and the surrounding cities, the following is what you can expect to see from your local search engine optimization strategy:

  • Better qualified leads landing directly on your website.
  • Large increase of first time visitors hit your website.
  • You will see substantial savings with organic search results compared to Pay Per Click ads.

Search engine marketing gives your website the authority in the searches. Websites who rank high in user’s searches are also viewed as their brand leader. Your clients will easily be able to find the information they need by landing on your site. By optimizing your website for searches, products and services can be found more readily than before. Many times your new clients will have questions regarding products and displaying information they can use to make an informed purchase decision provides credibility for your company on the web.

Optimization Process:

    1. Website Optimization:  This will transform your website into a search friendly platform. This includes optimizing page titles, taxonomy, optimizing images, evaluating site load speeds, and adding optimized content.
    2. Blog:  Next is the addition of a website blog. Your new blog is used to provide information about new services, target new keywords and consistently bring back search engines to index the site.
    3. Build Online Brand: In combination with blog posts, you will have additional social media strategy built into your plan to share with your audience. These social media channels include micro-blogs, bookmarking sites, forums and the other main stream social media.
    4. Fast Results: You can watch your website climb and continue to spread throughout the searches. Long term advantages of this strategy include solid rankings on the #1 spot on Google for your targeted keywords.



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