pic monkey online editorIt’s so easy even a Monkey can use it. Get it…PicMonkey.

My usual routine is to open Photoshop, wait forever for it to load. Then upload my picture and then spend another 20-30 minutes trying to find out where the simplest features are located in the bulky software. I don’t have to do this anymore! I first heard about PicMonkey from Cynthia Sanchez on OhSoPinteresting.com and have been using it ever since.

What is PicMonkey?

PicMonkey is a free online picture editor. The online application does not make you sign up, put your CC information in or ask you for your email address. You can just start using it! This seriously blows me away. There are premium features (I bought a year membership and it was only like 30 bucks). I use it almost everyday so it has been worth every cent I paid. I would have paid double this price but please don’t tell them that.

Who is PicMonkey for?

  1. All online marketing people and especially the ones on my team. (y’all better be using it to optimize those photos for web! You know who you are…)
  2. If you have a website on WordPress CMS, you need to be optimizing those photos for your website speed. PicMonkey saving options allow you to do this quickly and it’s a very easy way to make sure you are under 70Kb.
  3. If you have social media or anything online, PicMonkey is for you. There are certain features like premade Pinterest Templates you can use to post. There’s also an option to share directly from PicMonkey but this is not recommended. Please post your pictures the old fashion way.
  4. If you like to edit fun photos of your family and friends, then add captions or cute sayings, PicMonkey is a fun way of doing it.

Make Blurry Backgrounds!

Everyone is in love with the blurry backgrounds and I’ve fallen on the bandwagon! Experienced graphic designers are usually the only ones who can pull this off and not make the picture seem fake-looking but now you can with PicMonkey. More importantly, you can do this very quickly because we “ain’t got time for that”.

Seasonal Options

The hardest thing about maintaining any sort of blog, website or Facbook page is keeping up with the seasons and having to buy more icons, photos or text to customize your graphics. Now PicMonkey has seasonal features built in. Stop buying more stuff, just use PicMonkey’s fonts, icons and overlays. For Halloween, they have a lot of Zombie fonts and features to edit your photos with. Keep in mind it’s a little bit of a learning curve on finding all of their options because they have a lot. Sometime you have to do a lot of trial and error on what looks good for your particular photo. It is still very worth it.

Check out PicMonkey here, use it then come back and comment below on what you used PicMonkey for!

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