If you are ready to take your business to the next level in 2014, it’s important to evaluate what you might be lacking online and how it could be holding your company back. Businesses are looking to step up their online marketing  in 2014 because over 66% of customers now find their products and services online. So let’s take a look at the most important factors in determining if your website will be ready for 2014.

1) Is your Website on WordPress?

I could endlessly describe the benefits of this platform and WordPress’ millions of users would tell you the same. To get started with this content management platform you will need a host (I recommend Hostgator), you will need to set up a database and install WordPress manually or through the host’s one-click install feature. From there, you can install a free template and start experimenting and designing your website. Please start reading tutorials online on how to work with hosting, databases and FTP applications because understanding the big picture can be difficult. It’s worth the learning curve but can be a very time consuming learning process (Trust me, I’ve been there!)

2) Are you Search Engine ready?

If you are using WordPress you are already half way there! Make sure your website has unique content and enough pages to rank for multiple keywords in the searches. Avoid all the common pitfalls including and not limited to:

  • Avoid keyword stuffing or repetitive use of targeted keywords. Instead write with your reader in mind, Google is looking for synonyms of your keywords to prove relevance, not the keywords themselves.
  • Avoid copy/pasting other high-ranked website’s content onto your website. Instead review and link to the article, this gives you unique content and you gain credibility by linking to a similar website.
  • Avoid extremely long title tags using all of your keywords. Instead keep the title to around 70 characters, Google only uses the first 7o characters in search results.
  • Avoid using repetitive content on many of your online channels. Instead use a description and link back to the content, this will keep your content unique and increases traffic on your website.

Everyone goes through a similar learning curve when it comes to search engine optimization but if we keep our viewers in our minds when creating content, we will soon be handsomely rewarded by Google.

3) Are you Conversion ready?

Search engine optimization is only going to bring visitors to your website, now it’s your job to turn them into clients. Make sure your website maintains a level of credibility with pictures of the company and existing clients. If you’re in the eCommerce market, it’s important you have the Return Policy and Customer Service information in a prominent place on your website.

Still at Zero? Well you’re in luck!

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