The following is a quick rundown of what a local SEO strategy and project looks like with the hours associated with them. Just to give you an idea of the amount of time per services it takes to do website updates, content creation, publication and marketing.

Random Website Updates:

1) Optimization of photos and upload to galleries 1 hour per project

2) Copy updates@4 (15 minutes per page)=1 hour

3) Re-organization of galleries-4 hours

4) Admin for planning and project management 1 hour per week via Asana, phone, email=8 hours total

5) Purchase of Premium Template and installation for mobile compatibility, hard cost $55.00+1 hours.


Local SEO

Landing pages for all of these cities 3 hours per each landing page Allen, Richardson, McKinney, Frisco, Dallas, 15 hours total!.

1) Video for each page/keyword, selected and embedded (10 minutes)

2) Two-three paragraphs of content covering the upper tier keywords and linked to the sub pages and products/services with links (30 minutes)

3) All pages need to be linked up on the contact page and Locations page. (10-30 minutes

4) Reviews add to each of the pages with formatting. (20 minutes)

5) Add Call to action with links 6) Schema for reviews and services, hand coded and tested (1.5 hours)

BLOG POSTS: 12 Hours

3-4 Keywords can be targeted per blog article (2 hours to write and edit, 1 hour to publish with formatting and SEO)

1) Problems with Exterior Door Replacement

2) The Best Wrought Iron Entry Door Options

3) Dallas Sierra Pacific Doors (Content Guyer Job)

4) Dallas Milgard Doors and Windows 5


1) Search and record home improvement blogs or ones related to doors and windows and design and home in general, need at least 10 Comments need to be accepted automatically. (3-4 hours, can contract)

2) Write comment with link to a specific blog article (not the homepage) and the comment has to contribute valuable information, this comment needs to be customized. (20 minutes)

3) Record the URL to exact blog that we commented on. (3 minutes)

4) Check back in 2-3 days and make sure the link was published. (30 minutes)

Did any of the numbers surprise you? Leave your question/comments below!