Website ConversionA conversion rate is the percentage prospective buyers hit your site and actually convert by buying your product or performed a requested action. Web development is half the battle for companies who are primarily based on the internet. Once the company can get the viewer on their website, converting the user into a consumer is a battle within itself. Online buyers are very skeptical about their security and have less confidence in the outcome of their purchase on the internet (Rogers, 2009 PDF).

Why do Conversion Rates Matter?

Implementing conversion techniques through a website can eliminate consumer objections and increase conversion rates. Along with the objections presented by consumers, the online competition is fierce and options are a click away. Conversion rates are a combination of design, website performance and testing. Improving conversion rate techniques can lead to higher revenue and leads coming to the company from the website (Sugars 2009). Conversion rates are very important to everyone who conducts business online and in 2012.

..This is every business.

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