The Best Way to Setup WordPress CMS

WordPress CMS is a stand alone install of WordPress, located on to download. There is also the free blogging platform It’s important to not get these confused because if you are looking to have a professional website made, don’t use the platform to buy your domain or setup your website, you’ll regret it and have to move off of the platform anyway. The platform will not allow you the functionality (plugins) to complete your website or let you completely customize the look and feel, this can only be done with the WordPress CMS platform that is installed on a hosting provider.

This is what I highly recommend you do.

  1. Buy a domain and hosting account with GoDaddy
  2. Do the one-click install of WordPress on your GoDaddy hosting. If you do not know how, GoDaddy can help you directly.
  3. Hire a professional web designer to help you complete a professional looking website.

Don’t make the mistakes of setting up a free personal website for your professional business. If you set it up correctly the first time you will save time and money because I promise you, you will end up switching to the stand alone version of WordPress anyway.

Here are a few more benefits of WordPress:

  1. Easy to use
  2. SEO friendly
  3. Can sell products
  4. Most plugins are free to use
  5. 100% customizable

Are you starting from ground zero with your website, take a look at my online course for new businesses here. I go over each step you need to create your own website in one convenient location.


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