SEO for Criminal Defense Attorneys

SEO (search engine optimization) for criminal defense attorneys can lead more clients to your website. If you are a criminal defense attorney in the Dallas/Fort Worth area you can receive more clients from the internet.

When someone needs the help of an experienced attorney for the first time, they often turn to the internet for answers and help. When they land upon your website looking for answers for their defense, they are looking for an attorney who is experienced and has a track record of winning criminal defense cases. I recommend listing your track record of cases won on your website.

I recommend criminal defense attorneys have a website designed in WordPress content management system. WordPress is a website platform used by SEO experts to optimize content for the search engines. Once you have a website that is at least 5-8 pages, you can start ranking the website on Google.

I recommend all criminal defense attorneys have a blog on their website. The “blog” is a place to store articles written by your or your marketing team. These blog articles are used to inform your clients on your services and how your services will work for them. This is a great way to show your expertise and make your clients comfortable enough to seek out your services.

Building Trust Online:
Building trust online is going to help you get more clients. Being charged with a criminal offense is a scary matter but if you can make your client feel hopeful and more comfortable with you, you will receive their call. The goal is to connect you with the people who need your help.

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WordPress Blog Category and Tags Explained

WordPress is mainly used as blogging platform and only recently have we transformed it into more. If you are just starting in the blogging world it’s good to know what the difference is between a category and a tag. Knowing the difference can help you organize your posts for your readers in a user friendly fashion. In return, you’ll attract much more loyal followers.

What are categories?

Categories are to categorize your blog posts. For example, if you were writing a review  about your favorite car called a Porsche 911. You would create a new post, name it appropriately and then make a category named “Porsche”. In the future, each time you reviewed a different Porsche, you would check this category again. Next time you write a blog you decide to review a BMW i8, you would make a separate category and label it “BMW” and check the category to the right of the content editor.

What are tags?

Tags are for more specific details about the category or the car in this example. Let’s take the Porsche 911 and look at some aspects we can tag the post with. Some tags for the post could be; 911, turbocharger and chassis. Some tags for the BMW i8 would be; electric, i8, coupes and convertible. You can easily add tags to a post right below the category selection boxes.

Can I use categories and tags for SEO purposes? 

Yes, if you are using SEO Ultimate as your SEO plugin there’s a feature within the plugin where you can define the title for each one of the tags and categories on your blog. I currently use SEO by Yoast as my go to SEO plugin but SEO Ultimate works too. You can download it here.

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3 Tips on How to Start SEO

After you build a website the next step is SEO or search engine optimization. SEO is the process of getting your website found on search results by people who can buy your product/service. SEO might be a long word but the process is not that complicated. The following are a few things you can do today to increase your website’s chances of being found in searches.

  1. Decide on your keywords.
    Most website’s keywords are location based (Dallas) plus the product or service (dentist/orthodontist). So the keywords would be “Dallas Dentist” and the other services they provide like teeth whitening, Invisalign and so forth. Determine yours by asking “What locations am I targeting?” and “What services am I offering”. Try to come up with at least 10 keyword phrases for your business’ website.
  2.  Add the keywords to multiple locations on your website.
    Add these keyword phrases to the titles of your pages on your website and within the content of the pages. Hopefully, you have at least 5 pages, one of them describing the products or services you offer. If you do not have enough, I suggest adding more pages describing your services. Finally, add these keywords on the pages themselves. Make sure not to overdose your pages with these words. Keyword stuffing can be annoying to humans and might even confuse your readers.
  3. Get a Google Business Listing
    I highly recommend this step! This is a free listing by Google and can make a huge difference in your rankings. Did I mention it’s free and it only takes a few minutes to set up but the verification process can take 7-10 days so start setting up your listing today.

There’s an old saying, “Build it an they will come.” Unfortunately with SEO this is not the case. Work needs to be done on and off of the website in order for traffic to start flowing your way.

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SEO for Doctors in the Dallas area

Why is SEO so important for doctors in the Dallas area?

Search Engine Optimization is a way for doctors to get their website found online. This service increases visibility of the practice and leads to an increase of patients. It’s important to determine which kind of patients the practice is looking for and that is done with a small amount of market research. Once the target market is established then keywords can be determined. Keep in mind keywords will change through the SEO process as new markets are discovered. Keywords tend to become more specific once the process is started.

What is onsite SEO?

Onsite SEO is the first step in the process of ranking a website. It’s important that the keywords we are ranking are in specific areas of the website like the titles of pages, the meta description and in the words of the website. Many time new landing pages needed to be added additional words and images on pages to make them “SEO Friendly”.

What is offsite SEO?

Offsite SEO is the process of using backlinks to rank pages on the website. Backlinks are URLs from other website linking to your website. This is an ongoing process and the more relevant links a website has to the landing pages, the higher the website ranks on search engines. This process can last a month to a year depending on the clients competition.

How long do results take?

The results of onsite SEO can be seen almost immediately. Many companies start out with little to no SEO work done on their website and with a few hours of dedicated updates for SEO they can begin to see results immediately. Immediate results include an increase of page rank on Google and indexing of new pages. Long term results include an dramatic increase of new patients off of the internet from marketing efforts.

If you are interested in starting SEO for your practice to increase new patients and online leads please email or call/text (214) 789-5080 for a free consultation.