Web Development: How to Master the Technology

For many business owners the idea of making a website is scary. The technology being one of the hardest areas to learn.

My Story: I had no clue how to build websites and one of the first jobs out of school required me to build a website for an HVAC company. I had built it with a make-shift software program. It looked pretty bad because I didn’t know any better. It was sparse, images were misaligned. I did the best I could.

Forward a few years, I got a job at a SEO/web design firm where I experienced Joomla and then later WordPress. Very different experience. I dove right into Joomla which is very confusing. Then found WordPress which was much easier to work with. That’s not to say I didn’t have my own mishaps.

I consider WordPress the easiest platform to navigate. I could easily find pages and posts but found CSS and PHP difficult. As time passed, I found templates and plugins that made my life much easier.

Now, I consider myself a WordPress expert but only after 6+ years of working with the platform, countless mistakes and numerous sleepless nights. Business owners can use WordPress to make their own website but be prepared to put in the hours learning the technology. If you want to save time, hire a professional like me to help you.

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