Wix vs WordPress Review

I’ve seen Wix many times in the current entrepreneur streams as a website solution.

A few mistakes I hope new business owners won’t make.

1. Buying your domain and website platform together. Companies will stick them together and if you need to move to another service it’s difficult to get your domain unstuck and transferred to a different register. Use a domain name provider like GoDaddy to register your domain, then you can point it to any hosting provider you want.

2. SEO: Wix now has SEO and Google Analytics capabilities but I don’t think any platform can do SEO like WordPress can, the indexing capabilities and the blog roll do great things for a website. The organization that WordPress gives to writers is outstanding.

3. Functionality: I overheard my waitress complaining about her Wix website she was running for her restaurant. I asked her what the problem was and she replied, “The calendar is messed up and people are calling and complaining they cannot see the bands”. I don’t know what the issue is but I doubt Wix can compete with the thousands of free plugins WordPress offers.

Both are really good solutions but if you are planning to do a website that needs customization and ongoing marketing/advertising work, I would say WordPress. It’s easy to update, switch out template, add code…ext.

If you are not sure if you need a website or even want one, go with something easy to build and setup—-> that’s Wix. There’s very little risk, knowledge that you need to know to do Wix.

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