WooCommerce vs Shopify

Plugins like WooCommerce keep people like me in business. WooCommerce is a great plugin for a shopping cart but I can’t even explain how many maintenance problems it has given my clients over the years. Anything you can think of can go wrong! That’s why I’d like to give you my review of WooCommerce vs Shopify.

WooCommerce: Highly Customized Products

WooCommerce is a free plugin and has a great checkout process, many 6 figure online shopping carts use WooCommerce successfully to make money online. The ROI on installing Woo can be enormous and that’s what draws business owners to it. If you have already paid for hosting, have a WordPress install you too can have an online store for free. Setting up Woo is very easy but setting up things like sales tax, payment gateways and SSL that are needed require a developer. Any customization to the checkout process or API’s you need from wholesalers or shippers require a developer ($25.00-$120.00/hour). Once it is set up, I would recommend keeping that developer on speed dial because of all the issues WooCommerce has. Confirmation emails will fail to go out, payments don’t process, the shops won’t get orders, shipping fees are incorrect ext. the list goes on and on.

Shopify: Self Managed

Shopify is a stand alone eCommerce solution and platform. It can be managed by clients themselves because Shopify provides the support. They also make it very easy to setup the website. The designs are limited because you have to use Shopify’s templates and the pricing is at $29.00 per month and I think they also take a service fee for credit card transactions. I have seen requests for developers on the forums specifically for Shopify help. So this platform isn’t flawless but I guarantee it has more uptime than WooCommerce.

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