WordPress Blog Category and Tags Explained

WordPress is mainly used as blogging platform and only recently have we transformed it into more. If you are just starting in the blogging world it’s good to know what the difference is between a category and a tag. Knowing the difference can help you organize your posts for your readers in a user friendly fashion. In return, you’ll attract much more loyal followers.

What are categories?

Categories are to categorize your blog posts. For example, if you were writing a review  about your favorite car called a Porsche 911. You would create a new post, name it appropriately and then make a category named “Porsche”. In the future, each time you reviewed a different Porsche, you would check this category again. Next time you write a blog you decide to review a BMW i8, you would make a separate category and label it “BMW” and check the category to the right of the content editor.

What are tags?

Tags are for more specific details about the category or the car in this example. Let’s take the Porsche 911 and look at some aspects we can tag the post with. Some tags for the post could be; 911, turbocharger and chassis. Some tags for the BMW i8 would be; electric, i8, coupes and convertible. You can easily add tags to a post right below the category selection boxes.

Can I use categories and tags for SEO purposes? 

Yes, if you are using SEO Ultimate as your SEO plugin there’s a feature within the plugin where you can define the title for each one of the tags and categories on your blog. I currently use SEO by Yoast as my go to SEO plugin but SEO Ultimate works too. You can download it here.


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